For any commercial space, it’s essential to maintain a clean and professional look. At Bieler Janitorial Services, we realize the importance of cleanliness to create a positive impression with your clients, employees, and visitors. With our professional carpet cleaning services, not only will you have spotless-looking carpets, but you can also benefit from improved air quality in your environment.

Spotless Carpets, Positive Impressions

Did you know that a carpet regularly maintained through vacuuming and extracting can last up to three times longer than a poorly maintained carpet? As you, your family, your coworkers, your pets, or anyone who visits your office walks over the carpet, dirt, dust, and other debris find their way into the fibers. Even if you cannot physically see it, these allergens find their way in and weave through the fibers. Carpet cleaning services will help rid your carpets of allergens and bacteria that collect. Regular vacuuming helps to maintain the look and lifespan of the carpet and removes dry soil that causes damage to the carpet as well as its lifespan.

Provide entry mats – By using mats with “scrapers” or absorbent materials, you can help prevent dirt and dust particulates from entering your building. The mats will trap the dirt or other debris helping to preserve the look of your carpet. We can deep clean these entrance mats which allows them to properly do their job.
Spot clean in between services – Act on spills and spots as soon as they appear so they do not become permanent. Be sure to blot the stain instead of rubbing it so you don’t press the stain further into the fibers. If you need help taking care of spot cleaning we are here to help.

For spot cleaning we offer two services:

1. Wet Extraction with our portable extractors
2. Encapsulation Process

Get professional carpet cleanings – We offer our Wet Extraction service on a regularly scheduled basis depending on your building or home’s needs. The traffic through your building is the major determining factor between cleanings but our bare minimum suggestion is to have your carpets deep cleaned annually. Some more heavily used buildings can require as much as a monthly service. Our experienced team can determine what Pre-treatment and brush style will be most effective on your particular carpet.

We will pretreat your carpet stains and traffic lanes with a cleaning agent. Gently scrubbing the carpet with a cylindrical machine will loosen and release debris buried within the fibers. We follow all of the cleaning procedures approved by the Carpet Institute.

Meticulous Cleaning Process for Your Carpets

When you choose us for your needed carpet cleaning services, you can benefit from a carpet that will last longer, a healthy work environment, and a clean carpet that will surely impress your staff members, clients, and guests. For the best carpet cleaning services in Western New York, give us a call at (716) 662-7038 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation!

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“They do a great job! They brought our full over-walked floor back to life. Highly recommend!”

Cyndi D.

“We use them for our 14 locations, they are awesome.”

Kevin L.

“The Bieler staff continuously provides services above and beyond our expectations. They are very thorough, easy to work with and easy to communicate with. Would highly recommend at all levels for your cleaning needs.”

Joe C.

“Bieler has been providing cleaning service to our tennis club for many years. Their work is excellent and very reliable. Fair price too”

James G.

“Kevin and Bieler Janitorial have been BMG’s chosen vendor at 2 of our main locations. His team is responsive and have been able manage our account for over 3 years.”

Matthew N.

“Our insurance agency hired Bieler Janitorial to clean our office once per month. We are VERY impressed with the job Pauline does- she goes above and beyond her normal duties for us every time she cleans. Billing is very easy to take care of, and the service when you call their office is great. I give them a 10/10, and we will not be switching cleaning companies any time soon.”

Joe W.
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